Collective intelligence for your restaurant


Demolish language barriers among staff members, eliminating misunderstandings and the errors that arise from them, by taking advantage of Saucepos's dynamic multilingualism. Every user, including the restaurant owner, interacts with the system in his or her language of choice. For example, a waiter who only speaks English can take the order in English and then send it to a chef who only reads Thai. If the restaurant owner is a Thai native speaker, she can manage her English-speaking staff in Thai. Every user always sees information in their preferred language.


Each employee, including every position in the restaurant, has a to-do list of their actionable tasks. Instead of relying on their own memories for tracking next actions, employees just look at the list. The list remains uncluttered since it only has tasks that can and should be completed in the current moment. For example, a waiter receives a to-do item for carrying appetizers to a table only after the kitchen has fully prepared them. The waiter no longer must walk back-and-forth between the kitchen and dining room to check if the items are ready. For the customer, this creates a more peaceful dining experience, and faster and more efficient service.

2.7% credit card fee

See your profits increase by taking advantage of Saucepos's minimal, all-inclusive 2.7% credit card fee for unlimited transactions. Available as part of an inexpensive monthly subscription.

And much more

Saucepos is built using the latest technologies and is specifically for dine-in and takeout restaurants just like yours. Saucepos's numerous features keep your restaurant operating smoothly and efficiently, yet their multitude is seemlessly integrated into a singular fluid user experience like no other point-of-sale system available. You will see productivity gains, and thus profitiblity gains, across the board as Saucepos enables your staff to communicate better, work more efficiently, and focus on delivering topnotch customer service.

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